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from Anhedonia by Harborer



i was noodling around in open D tuning and i found 8 chords that really really struck me and i had had them in the back of my mind since around may/june. of course me being a huge radiohead fan i would listen to a bunch of their live shows and i kinda became obsessed with how they would play the song videotape in the concerts they played before in rainbows came out. this is all covered in that nutty Vice video that everyone's seen already but even though the studio version of videotape is depressingly perfect, i was always kinda disappointed that they didn't ever make that live version in the studio.

so i set out to do that myself, using those 8 chords i found and i think i succeeded pretty well. i love how it came out and i think it closes the album nicely. as soon as i decided i was gonna mix those chords with the videotape idea, i knew it had to be the last song on the album. it's just too perfect.

as for the lyrics, again this is another one about my father. he is the werewolf for reasons that are either really obvious or else you don't know what a werewolf is. the ending aoooooooooaaaaaaauuaaas were inspired by bjork, an artist that i have been listening to nonstop for about a week now and an artist i have been listening to as i write all of these info thingys for these songs.

ps. that ending harmonic really is perfect isn't it?


and ill go as far as i can to say to you how i feel
but where does the lie end i can’t try to call your bluff
and you say that it’ll be over soon
my mind is gone now check back in a while

and i’ll go to the cliff and throw myself completely off
and i know where my bridge is but its too thin to cross

but it’s so horrifying when you live with a monster
a werewolf hyde figure when the moon is out
and you say that it’ll be over soon
but if my mind’s gone now what will it be like later

a pile of garbage stacked around the room can’t see the floor
i dream of days that werewolf walks out my front door


but i guess it’s all i’ll ever know
the cliff’s right in front of me but i’m too scared to fall


from Anhedonia, released February 22, 2019
ben coates - everything


all rights reserved



Harborer Canton, Ohio

always experimenting.

from a basement in canton, ohio.

for updates on things follow @hrbrer on instagram aka click that link below

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