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this is a song about my father.


a man goes down the stairs not knowing what he's done
he doesn't realize he's pushed out everyone
it's never him, it's always someone else's blame to hold
what will you be like when i'm old
older and wiser

his son's alive but barely hanging by a thread
he doesn't care to understand his loved ones' head
his mother cries she doesn't know where she went wrong in life
to find herself stuck in
to his waking fantasy
in her own house

then he copes with those bottles by his bedside
then he copes with that plant he's too damn proud to hide
then he copes driving everyone in the house insane
you're always on a different page
your brain can register only rage
you took too long to make a change
i'm fully done with trying to wait for you

i realized i don't know how to socialize
might have to do with a lack of a man's advice
he's never listened to a word i have to say at all
so i just talk to myself
i have a lot of nice conversations

then he copes with a tantrum and a slam of the door
then he copes by screaming til he just can't no more
then he copes taking control of the art i try to make
a racist everyman filled with pride
tells his kid to try suicide
your mother's sick your dog is sore
you're only thinking of spending more
so he doesn't leave like sophie did
cause that's the way to treat your kid
like a circus act like a badge to wear
to fool the public like you really care
i'll wait for you to show to me
that you hold the ability
to realize how you affect
the ones you think that you protect
i've waited for way too long
too many times i've sang this song
i'm getting tired it's getting late
i'm fully done with trying to wait for you


from The Light Has Gone Out of My Life, released December 25, 2020
bryce snodgrass - noise
ben coates - vocals, all other instrumentation


all rights reserved



Harborer Canton, Ohio

-ben coates
-matthew ryan
-bryce snodgrass
-nate moraghan

we are four fellows from ohio that make music that we enjoy and we hope you do, too. everything you hear was done in our basement, or outside, or in some other room.

for updates on things follow @hrbrer on instagram aka click that link below
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