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The Spaces

from Totally, Completely by Harborer



i don't completely remember how i came up with this one. if i use my brain hard enough, i can remember that the working title of this song was "i am mad", because i was mad and i tuned my guitar a half step down and quickly came up with a chord progression... this one, to be exact. before and during the making of this record, i had been toying with the idea of doing a "noise solo", i mean noise shows are pretty much solos in their own way and in my eyes a noise show is just as exciting as watching Eddie Van Halen do a 12 minute version of Eruption or Neil Peart do a complete semi-improvised piece on his circular drum kit... so when this song was nearing completion i decided to bite the bullet and force mr. snodgrass to do some wacky clarinet on here. i instantly loved it, but to other people it might have to grow on you. i'm very proud of this one. as for the lyrics, the whole "spaces" thing came to me in a dream, and the rest of the lyrics come from that phrase list i mentioned in the fool's lament description. i guess it could be about my father a little bit.

oh yeah and i found the drum sample off of youtube. honestly i just missed sampling things.

latin grooves strike again! this sample is so much fun and makes this song one of the more danceable cuts on the album. the clarinet noise wall was especially fun to create, probably because i didn't know that it would make it to the final version of the song. i made the most dissonant noises i could possibly make and it turned out to be pretty groovy in the end.


To you little dog
Did it mean anything
When you realized you were living a lie
I can only ever think of
Two things at a time
Two things at a time

There are so many people
That you're unaware of
Talking in your ear
You're so pretty
When you bark your head off
When you bark your head off

I don't understand
What the spaces mean
All the time it seems to be shifting
I feel the air
I feel the light
I'm feeling me dreaming
What would I find if I looked
What would I find if I laid down

I don't understand
What the spaces mean
All the time it seems to be shifting
I feel the sky
I feel the galaxy
I'm feeling me dreaming
What would I find if I looked
Where would I sign to leave


from Totally, Completely, released January 31, 2020
ben coates - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, sampling, effects, lyrics
bryce snodgrass - clarinets, effects


all rights reserved



Harborer Canton, Ohio

-ben coates
-matthew ryan
-bryce snodgrass
-nate moraghan

we are four fellows from ohio that make music that we enjoy and we hope you do, too. everything you hear was done in our basement, or outside, or in some other room.

for updates on things follow @hrbrer on instagram aka click that link below
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