Something of You

from The Light Has Gone Out of My Life by Harborer



this is a song about insanity and love. or lack of love.


all that comes to mind is something of you
my brain can't deny that it's all untrue
mundane situations evolve into
elaborate movies starring me and you

what is this love i'm making up
this baseless love i'm thinking of
i'll shoot for the stars, i'll aim for the sun
my head's in the clouds, your head's long gone
what is this love i'm making up
it's not real at all

you're minding your business, i'm thinking of you
it feels like christmas when you're in my view
it feels like a fantasy, that's what it is actually, i don't know what to do
it seems so ridiculous, yeah i know, don't get me wrong, i think it is too

what's this love i'm thinking of
this fictional love i'm making up
yeah these vivid dreams for the past few weeks
i'm scared to death to fall back asleep
desirable love i'm dreaming of

i can't wait to see you
but they say out of sight out of mind
but my mind's been racing every lane
going 90 in a 45, the way you drive

my hair's still unruly, that's 'cause of you
i hold on to memories that make it seem true
people ask me what would make you happy is there anything i can do
but all that comes to mind is something of you


from The Light Has Gone Out of My Life, released December 25, 2020
bryce snodgrass - field recordings
ben coates - vocals, all other instrumentation


all rights reserved



Harborer Canton, Ohio

-ben coates
-matthew ryan
-bryce snodgrass

we are three young fellows from ohio that make music that we enjoy and we hope you do, too. everything you hear was done in our basement.

for updates on things follow @hrbrer on instagram and twitter aka click those links below
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