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from Totally, Completely by Harborer



my love for climaxes in music is definitely related to my love for post-rock. this song is about a relationship i had with a girl where i lived in this cycle of doubt and love. some of the lyrics describe a scene where i am conversing with my ex about telling the truth. "water your garden", meaning to take care of your own issues before projecting them onto me. the instrumental aspect is also a repeating cycle that begins to grow as the song progresses and the song ends with an explosion of sound. some of the lyrics also discuss her lies and how she tried to avoid confrontation. she was twisting my vision of her.

i don't think i knew about anything that matt just said up there until i had to copy and paste it into here. i just thought it was a song with abstract lyrics, as most of mine are on here, and learning this just now probably makes me extremely ignorant but it does elevate the song to a new level for me. garden was born out of a song called "i'm eating myself alive" that i really want to give a chance... matt kept fiddling with it until he scrapped it and honestly i think it was just as good a song as the two he wrote on this album are. anywho, i was a little unsure about garden and how i was going to help him craft the instrumental for this. i knew he definitely wanted a huge climax and lots of emotion and it did seem a little daunting. luckily i got it right on my first try. i will say a real eye-opening moment for this song is when we played it when volunteering at our local hospital. they have a grand piano over there and hitting the low C and Ds really made the song hit that much harder. so naturally, recording the bass, i just tuned my E string down to a C.

also i would say that the instrumental for this is my love letter to talk talk. as is a lot of this album anyways.

he planted a garden. nuff said


Take a walk
Tear up the ground
Watch the clock
Spit it out
Craft your lies
Watch the sky
Get in fights
The faster I jump the quicker I'll hit the ground

I heard
You planted a garden
How about
You let some sun in
Take some time
Breathe in the oxygen
Stay in line
Water your garden

You cracked my eyes
I'm blinded by
Your sweet disguise
Your ugly tongue
Try this for size
Your golden pride
Tied me down
My wrists were bound
No sea could wash my memories

I heard
You planted a garden
How about
You let some sun in
Take some time
Breathe in the oxygen
Stay in line
Water your garden

Ah ah
Ah ah
Ah ah
Ah ah


from Totally, Completely, released January 31, 2020
matthew ryan - vocals, guitars, lyrics
ben coates, vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synths
bryce snodgrass - clarinet, effects


all rights reserved



Harborer Canton, Ohio

-ben coates
-matthew ryan
-bryce snodgrass
-nate moraghan

we are four fellows from ohio that make music that we enjoy and we hope you do, too. everything you hear was done in our basement, or outside, or in some other room.

for updates on things follow @hrbrer on instagram aka click that link below
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