Cardboard Cut House

from Look at My Van Gogh by Matthew Ryan



The title is a reference to the bad living conditions I have found myself in due to the loss of him. Not materialistic but mentally, how I now live without my father. This is how I live. The pain keeps you awake but the dark puts you to sleep because of silence, isolation, and alienation. It was a day I never wanted to come. Not today.


Cardboard cut house
Tin foil curtain
And this is where I live
And this is where I live
Wet cement as floor
Sandals as work shoes
And this is how I live
And this is how I live

When the sun wakes you instead of the alarm
It wasn’t because of the light but the heat
The moon puts you to sleep
Not cause of the dark but because of the silence

Not today


from Look at My Van Gogh, released May 16, 2020
matt ryan - vocals, guitars, sampling
ben coates - mixing, mastering


all rights reserved



Harborer Canton, Ohio

-ben coates
-matthew ryan
-bryce snodgrass

we are three young fellows from ohio that make music that we enjoy and we hope you do, too. everything you hear was done in our basement.

for updates on things follow @hrbrer on instagram and twitter aka click those links below
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