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All Of Me, None For You

from Anhedonia by Harborer



this song was wrote mostly in the middle of math class for the most part. its about someone that i felt really strongly about at the time but i dont really give a shit anymore (as shown by the "or maybe a week" lyric which was added after i read through the lyrics a week after i wrote them).

the opening verse was wrote because i had 4 tickets for a Car Seat Headrest concert and the person that was supposed to drive us dropped the ball. i'm still pretty mad about it but whatever. hopefully will toledo doesn't get in a furry accident or whatever and we'll be able to see him again sometime.

capo on the 3rd fret.

p.s. the rage over that nike ad is fucking stupid. the gillette ad as well. i've done some research and i think balloon boy's dad was telling the truth. also, i broke my basement light by trying to fix it. i was unscrewing the plasma tube or whatever and i accidentally broke the socket that you're supposed to screw it into. this is why the lighting looks different on every youtube video i make after the weird fishes one. whooooooops....!!!!


it’s been a lousy day
i was supposed to do something fun
but transportation was out
so i guess neither was i
i stayed home and talked to myself
twiddling my thumbs and rearranging my shelf
over and over in every order
but meaningless nothings could not cure my boredom
i replace my mental voice with yours
i did not mean to and i think it just happened
the ghost of you lingers in my head
i listened to the ghost voice and it said

what are you gonna do
it’s all of me but none for you
what are you gonna do
if i can’t see you through

i said “that is a great chorus” i should write that down
hopefully you’ll hear it sometime without looking around
wondering where that voice came from like me sometimes
and you’ll sit on your bed and silently cry
with an exclamation of whats and whys
and with your hopes and dreams dropping like flies
you won’t know where you are
i won’t know where you are

you could give me what i wanted
i could give you what you deserve
you could help me where i needed
i could support you being heard
i don’t know where exactly you fall
on my spectrum of love and hate
no more talk about the old days
it’s time for something


i sat on my nowhere and read nothing
my eyes scanned that nothing and my brain converted it to you
so don’t you tell me that i value you as little as you think
because you don’t think but you know that is lesser than true
so i sat on my nowhere and contemplated
a year down the road this song will disappoint me (or maybe a week)
i will think how stupid i was and how could i ever think that
but for now i’ll sit on my nowhere with no company

so i called you on the videophone
you said you seem to be smiling
i looked at you and it seemed you were trying --- not to scream
she-you said “don’t get ahead of yourself”
but i’m ahead of my head anyways
it’s in the clouds and i’m on mars already

so find yourself a seat and i’ll tell you a tale
about how i’ve got an endless supply but i don’t supply that well
i’ll tell you about the countless dreams i’ve had
and how dumb i find the rage over that nike ad
i’ll tell you how i think balloon boy’s dad was right
and how i once broke my basement light
and you listened to me ramble about all of that
i wasted all my stories just for you to say

what are you gonna do
it’s all of me but none for you
what are you gonna do
if i can’t see you through

what are you gonna do
please don’t continue
what am i gonna do
without you


from Anhedonia, released February 22, 2019
ben coates - everything


all rights reserved



Harborer Canton, Ohio

-ben coates
-matthew ryan
-bryce snodgrass
-nate moraghan

we are four fellows from ohio that make music that we enjoy and we hope you do, too. everything you hear was done in our basement, or outside, or in some other room.

for updates on things follow @hrbrer on instagram aka click that link below
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